A Boutique Luxury PR Agency in Dubai

Alston & Clayden is a Swiss strategic communications agency specialising in luxury.

Our Services


Our marketing expertise enables us to offer a uniquely tailored service to increase awareness of your brand. We are experts in developing and implementing every stage of your marketing requirements including concept and strategy, audience targeting as well as branding and positioning.


Event Management

We look after all aspects of event production from concept to delivery, providing original concepts that cost effectively strengthen brand visibility across the media and directly with the consumer.


Media Relations

Whether it’s short term projects or long-term programmes, we help you tell your story in a way that works for you. We create impactful communications strategies that enhance your impact and protect your brand and reach multiple audiences in mainstream, regional, local and industry-specific media outlets.


Content Marketing & Social Media

We provide bespoke digital marketing services to meet all of your individual priorities and objectives. Our focus is on helping you get more from the online and digital channels, to bring you the most relevant interest, brand awareness and leads across the digital landscape. We develop social media content strategies built around emotive storytelling.


Strategic Introductions & Partnerships

Our established network of opinion formers and influencers includes geographically dispersed High Net Worth and Ultra-high Net Worth Individuals from the worlds of finance, retail, technology, property and fashion among others.


Website Development & SEO

Our main focus is to promote better engagement through web design services and give your brand a higher conversion ratio. Our team creates websites that are tailor-made to meet your business needs and objectives.


The luxury sector

Defining luxury is more complex than using adjectives like ‘expensive’ and ‘sumptuous’. In fact, luxury isn’t simply material – it is emotional. It is not a single thing, but a combination of several things.

Luxury means different things to different people. To many, it conjures up ideas of opulence, grandeur, splendour and ostentation but it has a much deeper meaning to the more discerning customer to whom it conveys a sense of exclusivity, prestige and success.

Whatever luxury product or service you offer – whether its property, cars, hotels or clothing – the luxury sector is extremely competitive, and, unlike basic cost-conscious brands, the leading luxury brands have the power to influence the opinions and perceptions of millions of people.

Each brand has its unique challenges, each stakeholder has their own set of priorities, and most importantly, each audience member has their own agenda. A luxury brand must deliver what cost-conscious brands can’t. It must provide a service that is one step ahead of what the customer wants. Luxury must also prevail in tough economic climates – even when some think it superfluous.

Luxury is about perception. It’s not ‘having’ but ‘experiencing’. The affluent no longer purchase products based simply on quality or status but because they want to experience the brands’ legacy, story and inspiration. They want to be part of the brand.

How we work

Partner up to produce meaning and value.

We help luxury brands make a powerful impact through a bespoke mix of media relations, traditional marketing, events, social media engagement, content strategy, digital marketing and influencer marketing.

Understanding the importance of discrete and careful communications, where less is often more, we leverage our established contacts and expertise in the industry to drive visibility and build momentum.

Our dedicated luxury experts are completely in tune with luxury audiences and the ways to reach and influence high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. We embrace all forms of digital communication and have a finger on the pulse of the continuously evolving digital landscape.

We believe in quality, relationship, and exclusivity, so we only commit to a select number of clients wishing to reach the most discerning audiences in the world’s global capital hubs.

Clients are treated as long term partners, and this approach allows us to work closely with each client, taking an in-depth approach to understanding their needs and providing nuanced bespoke solutions.

How we succeed

We specialise in understanding and responding to trends in the luxury sector.

We are creatively-led, strategically driven, digitally savvy and passionate about delivering campaigns that truly engage and excite. We are experts in crafting creative campaigns with multiple touch points to tell your story in an authentic way, which brings your brand values and propositions to life.

Everything we do is rooted in real insight. Our success comes from understanding your business, the market you’re operating in and the audiences you want to influence.

We stand out from the ever-increasing number of communications agencies, big and small, by maintaining longstanding relationships with key influencers and opinion formers at all levels.


Our Clients

A Leading Luxury PR agency in Dubai backed by a Global Network

We view public relations as a strategic business tool designed to solve problems. Our role is to create the positive, actionable visibility that enables a business to thrive in a competitive category, enhances a new product or service launch, or advocates for a point of view on a critical matter. Whatever the goal, we offer best in class introductions and media relations experience, combined with a deep understanding of social media and a flair for digital storytelling, both essential in today’s competitive environment and media culture.


Unlocking your brand true potential

Our team develops strategic-brand and PR campaigns for our clients, from proactive programme to memorable brand experiences with measurable impacts. At Alston & Clayden, we continuously strive for creativity with a practical approach to achieving the client’s business objectives.


Alston & Clayden is a lifestyle; we do not subscribe to the 9 to 5 mentality. If you are looking for a PR agency in Dubai that is passionate about its work, keen to go the extra mile for clients and delivers results to be proud then you have come to the right place.